When no body wants you to be the position that you are in!

One of the thing that has occupied some of my time is the affair in the office of where I work.
Since I am the senior consultant in this language center, the affairs that go on in this center has always under my sincere concern. This workingplace has become one of my focus in life for about 4 years or so.

Couldn't remember when, but since I was the rookie, the CEO we have now has been working there. So, basically she has been there as long as I am.
However, she has never been a good leader ever since she took over the job, and has brought the center down to the very bottom with many never-been-able-to-solve problems.

Before, our recent manipulative rebellion started. I've made up my mind to leave this place for other work at the end of the year. So I wouldn't feel too insecure to worry about my living.

But as unpredictable as things always are! Our Personnel department director in the center had reported the situation to the board of directors and asked for the reform to save the center from being closed down. So, here we are, a group of present staff ready to take over the positions for the reformable actions.

Wow~~~ it was never in my plan to be included as a team member.
And it somehow gives me a drifted feeling that seems like floating on a boat with a beautiful image ahead, but no certainty future with success.

I am always a loner in my career. Maybe "Loner" is a harsh word. But, I mean, I am always my own master in my career. I get hourly pay working as a language consultant, only responsible for the clients I face to. I never is a member of a team nor am I a leader in any way.
I really prefer to work alone and be my own master of my performance. (Is it a selfish thinking?)
But, now, the situation has come to a point where I need to provide my opinion no longer as an information collector, but a member in a team who can be creative enough to help getting projects carrying on!
What a great responsibility! And I can't be sure if I had the ability to cooperate as a team member.

Somewhere in my heart, I still preserve the possibility of keeping a backup plan for myself in case the revolutional action might be thrown down with a more powerful force.

It's about Taiwanese business culture which people always have this invisible ranks in their hearts over the values of oneself could be.
A group of us without any powerful related backgrounds, we need a great entrusted power behind us to support us moving ahead.
( Because usually the higher positions holders always give seconds chances to people like them, but people lower than them!)

So, I am afraid, if the board of direcotors gives our CEO a second chance regardless her bad performance that goes on 4 years, then we will be dead very soon!

May God be with us and gives me the power to keep my faith to trust my team and believe in myself to be able to play a helpful role in the team !!!!