Do you celebrate the holiday, if you are not........

Recently I am busy with many things, none of them are about anything academic, for which always have a place in my heart, but never get a chance to get myselft doing it. One thing that got me so excited these days was the Web TV. One of my coworker told us a website where we could go to and watch some channels from US., German and China without paying. Ha~~~~
(You need to pay the Web TV in Taiwan)

As a faithful TV person! I can't deny that I love to watch TV. I just love it so much.
TV or movie are very good ways to learn not just the news and information but also the cultures and politics, especially cultural issues.

I have been watching this web TV like crazy when I didn't have to work.
Last Thursday was the Thanksgiving Day, the whole holiday seemed more like a week thing in the US but a one-day holiday. Every channel was talking about Thanksgiving and the weekend that went with it. They talked about the Black Friday and Shopping fever.

That was crazy, compare to Taiwan. We have this crazily shopping fever goes on once in about 3 months. But the target comsumers will be the women. One time, I wanted to talk about this part on my blog, but then felt too embarrased to mention it. ( I am one of the crazy comsumers somehow, but can't bring myself to admit that)
Seeing the phenomenon in US, I think, what we do here are really no big deal !
How could people get up 5 in the morning to shop?
Why didn't we think of that? Will people be willing to get up so early to go shopping? (NO WAY)
There are always stores open 24 hours or long long hours a day. Why bother?

Anyway, this is totally not relevant to my topic.
Last Thursday, one day eariler than US time. Me and my coworker were sort of celebrating Thanksgiving after work in the office. There was no big dinner with a big big turkey on it! (We are Asians, we love Chickens better)
One of the coworker treated everybody the red wine and some other provided the nice biscuit and snack. We were drinking happily and wished people "Happy Thanksgiving."
But the thing was, we were Taiwanese! Why bother wishing each other that?
In fact, we were just getting together to gossip and the night happened to be Thanksgiving and so....... we just followed the flow to say something that didn't mean anything to us.
What's more was, I never really realized that "Thanksgiving" is US thing. Canadians celebrate theirs in October, but November. The strange thing was, my canadian coworkers still celebrating the holiday with people from the same country! ( I guess, they feel lonely as foreigners in Taiwan and just use the holiday to get together with their country people.)

Taiwanese are like that, too. We celebrate Holloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those are not out holidays, since no-body-knows-when, people stop celebraing many of our country holidays.
We celebrate US holidays. About 2 years ago, people start celebraing St.Patrick Day.
What has that to do with us? That's probably not American holiday, but Canadian!

The only holiday that is ours and we care so much is the Chinese Valentine's Day! Because we celebrate Western holiday as well. People in Taiwan celebrate 2 lover's day a year.
How FRUSTRATED for those who are single??

The possible reason why people stop celebrating our traditional holidays has something to do with Politics. Everything has something to do with politics in Taiwan.
Since we are now governed by a party which wishes Taiwan to be indepedent. Those politicians are trying hard to erase the things that will relate us to China. And for many of our old holidays, they are the serious holiday try to remember some of the great leaders.
It is sad that, some of them were considered the great national heroes in the history books when I was a kid. But now, they are criticized for putting Taiwan in a position that would never able to recover to an international status.

Why I said "sad" was just an expression! It didn't represent my feeling in anyway.
The older I grow, the more I understand, I start to believe that many thought-to-be-true historical reality or facts were in fact a fabricated facts edited by the invisible controler to know how to manipulate the audience.
I forget what theory I read! But I am sure about what I say now.
It is so scary~~~~~~
Nothing from the Media should be trusted by people with entire hearts because the purpose behind the screen contains something beyond our believes.

Well... it's enough for today. I am going back to watch my web TV.
I'll screen the media authenticity myself!